Timing Gear Drive Set Installation

RPM Timing Gear Drive Sets are  designed to provide superior performance for street and strip applications. Please review and follow
these instructions for proper installation:

• Apply moly-grease on bronze ring and install it on the back of the cam gear
• Set the # 1 piston to TDC.
• Install cam and crank gears to align both timing marks to the
centerline of engine facing each other.
• Slide idler gears to fit in between mounted gears with LARGER Idle Gear on left side (facing block)   
with longer idle axle towards engine block. If shorter pin is required, use supplied pin.
• Make sure to have 0.015 – 0.060” clearance between engine block and back of idle axles. See
diagram below. Grind off end of idle axle for proper clearance if necessary.
• After gear is in mesh, install offset bushing on cam dowel pin hole. If not degreeing camshaft, put
“0” degree bushing (one with hole in middle) in pin hole. When degreeing cam, always turn crank clockwise.
• Install cam gear bolts, washers and lock plate to factory torque specification. It is a must to bend
tabs of lock plate over bolt heads to prevent bolts walking.
• Turn crank clockwise and check the Reverse Idle Gear (smaller gear) it should have free vertical
movement. The reverse idle gear is rotating under no-load and must have sufficient clearance.
• Install cam thrust bearing assembly with 0.005 – 0.010” clearance to front cover. If necessary, install
shims or grind off thrust plate for proper clearance.
0.015 - 0.060"
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