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RPM International offers three distinct types of crankshafts—Cast, 4130/5140 Forged with Nitriding, and the
SAE 4340 Forged with Nitriding, which is our top of the line.

SAE Certified 4340 forged material is used for superior strength and its proven performance in the aircraft and aerospace industries.
For increased strength these cranks are given a second heat treatment after rough finishing and then nitride hardened eliminating any
deformation after leaving the factory.

RPM cranks are perfect for the racer who wants a forged unit without the price of a full race crank. These crankshafts are made
from SAE Certified 4130, 4142, or 5140 materials and are nitride hardened for superior strength. These cranks use the part number
prefix DG5 (for example: DG5-182D). Please consult your price list or the RPM catalog for the most popular street/strip applications.

RPM cast crankshafts are designed as a better than stock nodular iron OE replacement for domestic applications. Strong castings
and a large selection of stroke and rod combinations make these cranks ideal for the street/strip racer. These crankshafts use part
number prefix QT for example QT-039. Please consult your price list or the RPM catalog for your application.
Nodular Iron
Forged Steel
Nodular Iron
Forged Steel
MAXX 4340 Forged Crankshafts
Designed for the racer who wants the best!
4340 Forged material for superior strength
.125” radius on all journals
Lightening holes in all rod throws
Shot peened and stress relieved
All forged cranks are nitride hardened
Undercut pendulum counterweights available
Available in various stroke, rod and main configurations
SAE 4340
SAE 4130
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